April 29, 2019

Liberal Platform



In 2015, your Liberal Government made tough but necessary choices as we managed theprovince through an economic crisis. The necessity for difficult decisions was hidden bythe prior Progressive Conservative Government. In our persistence for a stronger tomorrow came a resilience to see the plan through. This document sets out the product of that enduring commitment.

Today, your Liberal Government is offering a continued path to prosperity for Newfoundland and Labrador. Behind us are the prospects of doubling electricity rates due to the PC MuskratFalls project, $2.7 billion deficits, and PC mismanagement.

We cannot go back.

Ches Crosbie and the PCs promise to gut health care and implement a “debt brake law”; a harsh instrument that will arbitrarily cut hundreds of millions from our social programs,significantly reduce jobs, and do irreparable damage to our economy. He promises to scrapThe Way Forward, which is an engine of job creation and partnerships in the burgeoning aquaculture, mining, oil and gas, tourism, forestry, and technology industries. We cannot go back.

Moving Onward with the Liberal path grows the economy while ensuring fiscal stability in abalanced and thoughtful manner under the following central themes:

  1. A Better Economy
  2. Healthier People
  3. Better Living
  4. A Bright Future

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April 16, 2019


Working Towards a Brighter Future – #NLBudget2019 maintains focus on financial sustainability while delivering on priority investments.

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April 16, 2019

Protecting You from the Cost Impacts of Muskrat Falls

On Monday, April 15, the Government released a framework to manage the impact on Muskrat Falls on electricity rates.

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April 6, 2019

Cowan Heights Community Clean-Up

Along every street, around every corner, litter can be found. Not only is litter unsightly, it can have serious environmental consequences, polluting our local waterways, parks, alleyways, and walking trails.

On Saturday, April 27th, at 10am at Kitty Gaul Park (50 Birmingham Street), come out and pick up litter and help beautify our community. Clean St. John’s will supply garbage bags, gloves and pickup filled bags.

RSVP here.

***In the event of inclement weather, the community cleanup will take place on Saturday, May 4, 2019.***


April 5, 2019

Landmark Atlantic Accord Agreement

Geraldine Maloney

"Siobhan has kept her finger on the pulse of the district. Her public forums on crime, drugs and education offered a way for her constituents to speak out on important issues. She is easily accessible to address concerns of her constituents."