What Types of Identification Can I Use to Vote?

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Identification for voter registration: Elections Newfoundland and Labrador requires that electors register as a voter in the district in which they reside. Electors will be required to confirm their identity to the poll clerk or deputy returning officer at the polling station in their district. Elections Newfoundland & Labrador has specified a number of options for valid pieces of identification.

There are three options for documents an elector can produce as identification:

1. A document that shows an elector’s name, address, and signature, such as a driver’s license, a signed and processed personal cheque, or a residential lease or mortgage document.

2. Acceptable identification can be produced by a combination of two documents, one of which shows the elector’s name and address (such as a power bill or a bank statement) and another one that bears the elector’s signature (such as a health insurance card, a passport, a bank card, or similar).

3. An elector may sign a document bearing their name and address to complete the identification requirements.

There are additional identification options as well:

1. An election officer can offer visible identification of an elector.

2. An elector can have a friend or relative sign a guarantor’s form confirming their identity and this would constitute valid identification. A person may serve as a guarantor only once for identification purposes. The guarantor’s form may be found on Elections NL’s website by clicking on this link.

3. An elector may have an affidavit for identification signed by an official such as a barrister or a commissioner for oaths. The official does not have to know the elector.

This is a link to a detailed description of Acceptable Identification produced by Elections Newfoundland & Labrador.


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