Voter Registration

A person must be registered with Elections NL in order to vote in an election. To register today you may download and complete the VR-21 form from the Forms and Guides section.

While registration can be done at the time of voting, registering today will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to vote. Furthermore, prior to an election, we send registered electors a Voter Information Card (VIC) which details where, when and how you may vote.

You can also contact us by phone, toll-free or locally, at (1-877) 729-7987or by e-mail, to determine if you are on the voters list or if you have:

  • recently turned 18
  • changed residence
  • recently moved to this province
  • changed your name

Nicholas Hillier

"Siobhan Coady is the best choice for the youth of St. John’s West. Her continued advocacy and work for young people and ensuring of their success is why she has my vote in this years election."

Contact Siobhan

Address: 655 Topsail Road, Waterford Valley Mall
Phone: 709.364.1888