Special Ballot Voting

Special ballots for the 2015 Newfoundland and Labrador general election are available to anyone of majority age (18 and up). Generally special ballots are used for people who will have a difficult time making it to the polls on Election Day (November 30).

The following is all the information you will need to get a special ballot for the November 30 general election:

Special Ballot voting is an alternative voting method available to electors who feel they will be unable to vote in person at the advance or regular polls. According to the Elections Act, 1991, this method of voting can be available to electors up to four weeks prior to the election or by-election being called.

Interested electors must apply to vote by Special Ballot and, once an application is approved, a Special Ballot kit is issued. This kit consists of a blank ballot and a series of envelopes designed to protect the secrecy of the elector’s vote.

Special Ballots are blank because Special Ballot voting is open prior to Official Nomination Day on the election calendar. Therefore, electors must print either the party name, the potential candidate’s name (if they know it) or both.

Elections Newfoundland and Labrador coordinates Special Ballot voting at personal care homes and hospitals around the province to facilitate voting for those who are unable to get out to the polls. There are important deadlines to adhere to when voting by Special Ballot and these dates will be communicated to electors who apply.

Elections Newfoundland and Labrador created a Special Ballot voting pamphlet for the 2011 Provincial General Election. It includes information on important deadlines and the application process.

How to Apply to Receive a Special Ballot

Applications can be obtained by:

Important Info to Provide to Receive a Special Ballot

The following information must accompany an application:

  • the name of the applicant and the current address of the applicant’s residence in the Province
  • the applicant’s mailing address
  • the applicant’s date of birth
  • proof of the applicant’s identity by including:
    • one document showing the elector’s name; current address and signature such as a valid driver’s license; or
    • one document, such as a utility bill, showing the elector’s current address with the elector actually signing the bill (to compare with the signature on the application form); or
    • confirmation by another person (Guarantor’s Declaration Form) who can provide proof of the applicant’s identity and address of ordinary residence in the electoral district in which the applicant intends to vote. A person is permitted to act as a Guarantor to only one applicant; or
    • an affidavit (Affidavit for Voting by Special Ballot) signed before an authorized person (e.g. Commissioner for Oaths, Justice of the Peace) verifying the elector’s name, current address and signature.

Note: If the applicant has no identification please consult the Office of the the Chief Electoral Officer.

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