About the Voters List

Permanent List of Electors

The Permanent List of Electors is a voluntary list of eligible voters in Newfoundland and Labrador. It is commonly referred to as the voters list and contains information such as name, address, district assignment and poll assignment. Elections Newfoundland and Labrador uses this information to create voters lists for electoral events and plebiscites.

Every individual who is qualified to vote during an electoral event in Newfoundland and Labrador may choose to be included in the Permanent List of Electors. While inclusion has specific benefits, exclusion from the List does not affect the right to vote.

Voter Registration

To become registered on the Permanent List of Electors you may download and complete the VR-21 form from the Forms and Guides section or contact Elections NL by phone, toll-free or locally, at (1-877) 729-7987 or by e-mail, voterslist@gov.nl.ca.

If an elector chooses not to be registered on the Permanent List of Electors and still wishes to exercise their right to vote then they must register to vote at the time of a provincial general election, by-election or plebiscite. This can be done by contacting Elections NL, while applying for a Special Ballot, at an advance poll or at a regular poll.

Benefits of Being Registered on the Permanent List of Electors

Voting becomes simpler and faster when an elector is registered on the Permanent List of Electors. This is because the elector does not have to produce identification or complete registration forms at the polls. In addition registered electors receive a Voter Information Card that provides important information such as where and when to vote.

Information Contained in the Permanent List of Electors and Voter’s List

The Permanent List of Electors maintained by Elections NL contains personal elector information including name, civic address, mailing address, birth date, electoral district, poll assignment and other related information. The list of electors that is created from the Permanent List, referred to as the voter’s list used at polling locations, contains basic personal information such as name and civic address. The list of electors utilized on regular polling day also indicates if an elector has already voted during that particular event at an Advance Poll or by Special Ballot.

Maintaining the Permanent List of Electors

The Permanent List of Electors is regularly updated with information supplied by federal, provincial and municipal data sources. It is also updated with information provided by electors themselves between and during provincial electoral events.

Protecting the Privacy of Your Personal Information

The personal information provided to Elections NL is protected by the Elections Act, 1991 and the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015  while under Elections NL’s control.

Elections NL takes precautions to ensure that personal information is secured and only used for the authorized purposes. Information contained in the Permanent List of Electors cannot be used for any purpose other than administering an election or plebiscite.

The Chief Electoral Officer of Newfoundland and Labrador is authorized under the Elections Act, 1991 to provide information from the Permanent List of Electors to:

  • Municipalities
  • School Districts
  • Members of the House of Assembly
  • Registered political parties; and
  • Official Candidates

You can remove yourself from the Permanent List of Electors by submitting a VR-21 Form available for download in the Forms and Guides section.

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