Darrin Feehan

"I have known Siobhan for many years. I have known her to have integrity, be community minded, hardworking and a very smart and capable individual. Since being elected, she has worked very hard for the people of St. John's West."

Andrea Cook

"Siobhan has given us, as constituents, an opportunity to discuss important issues in our area through three town hall meetings. She listens."

Jerry Vink

"Siobhan Coady not only has public, community service and business experience, but she also has a clear vision for what will make this province a better place for everyone."

Ulrike Brown

"I support Siobhan Coady because of her character, her experience, her social conscience, and her progressive ideas on education, energy and fiscal management."

Margot Pitcher

"Siobhan makes a great MHA for a host of reasons. She’s an example of what strong women can do if put in a position of leadership and trust."

Brad Wicks, Q.C.

"Siobhan is dedicated to the interests of the people she represents. Her Parliamentary experience and her business acumen continue to serve our district well."

Geraldine Maloney

"Siobhan has kept her finger on the pulse of the district. Her public forums on crime, drugs and education offered a way for her constituents to speak out on important issues."

Nicholas Hillier

"Siobhan Coady is the best choice for the youth of St. John’s West. Her continued advocacy and work for young people and ensuring of their success is why she has my vote in this years election."

Contact Siobhan

Address: 655 Topsail Road, Waterford Valley Mall
Phone: 709.364.1888
Email: info@siobhancoady.ca