Siobhan Coady For the Liberal Nomination in St. John's West

Dear Friend –

The past six months have tested the resolve of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians like nothing we’ve seen in a generation. As the COVID-19 pandemic circled the globe, inevitably landing on our shores, our sense of personal responsibility and commitment to community fully engaged. In doing so, we ensured Newfoundland and Labrador was one of the most successful jurisdictions in Canada in managing the disease.

This was not without personal sacrifice by many people in our province on so many fronts; within families, as well as financially and socially. The situation was made all the more intense by a global economic downturn and, particularly for our province, a collapse in world oil prices. However, if we’ve learned anything from this experience, it is that our strength of character as a people will continue to carry us through the most difficult of times. It is a characteristic we have honed from generations that came before us. It is one that will serve us as we continue to manage the pandemic while dealing with the economic and fiscal challenges facing our province.

Recently, I was asked by our new Premier, Dr. Andrew Furey, to join his government as Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance. It was an honour to accept his invitation. While I’m fully aware of the fiscal challenges we face, I am pleased to be able to represent the interests of the residents of St. John’s West at the Cabinet table as we make decisions on the future direction of the province. We have so much opportunity and potential in this province and as a people we are resilient.

It has been my great pleasure to serve as Minister of Natural Resources for the last five years. In that time we were able to attract over $18 billion in economic activity in the oil and mining industries. These natural resources have proven to be critical to our economy.

My team and I remain fully committed to the residents of St. John’s West. Working for you is a great honour and I look forward to seeing you in the weeks and months to come. Please contact me on any issue or just to chat.

Siobhan Coady

Andrea Cook

"Siobhan has given us, as constituents, an opportunity to discuss important issues in our area through three town hall meetings. She listens."

Darrin Feehan

"I have known Siobhan for many years. I have known her to have integrity, be community minded, hardworking and a very smart and capable individual. Since being elected, she has worked very hard for the people of St. John's West."

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